A very wise man, Daisaku Ikeda, once said, "Differences among people are a given. This is what makes each person unique and our world such a richly diverse place, resembling a garden in which many kinds of flowers bloom in profusion." [More...]This is what I enjoy about my life and my work, the variety of the flower garden. I learn so much from my friends and clients because they are different and each has a unique and fascinating view of life. And what a great moment is it when I get to feel that I actually gave something in return!

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Status Quo?

"The important thing is not whether we are optimistic or pessimistic but rather that, while keeping a careful eye on reality, we are neither overwhelmed by it nor content with the status quo. We must keep the lamps of our ideals alight while being ready to pioneer uncharted paths. Faith in life and in the human spirit is the necessary foundation for this approach."

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Actions Reveal A Person's Worth

Action To Find YourselfThe great German author Johann Wolfgang van Geothe wrote: "How can [one] learn to know [oneself]? Never through contemplation but very likely through action. Seek to do your duty, and as soon, you will know your worth."

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