What to bring for your tax appointment

Taxes don’t have to be complicated! Review this list for important documents to bring to your tax appointment and we will organize your documents to prepare your return. It’s that easy!

What to bring for your Personal (Individual) Tax Interview


  1. All of your W-2’s from all jobs throughout the year. (all copies)
  2. All 1099’s:
    a. 1099-MISC
    b. 1099-INT (Interest Earned)
    c. 1099-DIV (Dividends)
    d. Form SSA-1099 (Social Security)
    e. 1099-G (Government Payments)
    f. 1099-R (Retirement Income)
    g. 1099-S (Sale of Real Estate)
    i. Bring all closing statements also
  3. All K-1’s from investments in business.


  1. Any job related unreimbursed Expenses
    a. Teacher Expenses
    b. Nurses Expenses
  2. All 1098’s:
    a. 1098 (Mortgage Interest)
    b. 1098-T (Tuition)
  3. Student loan interest
  4. Real Estate taxes paid (may be on your 1098 Mortgage Statement
  5. Proof of Health Insurance or a 1095-A Marketplace Statement
  6. Medical Expenses
  7. Estimated tax payment made (Need dates and amounts of payments)
    a. Federal
    b. State
    c. City
  8. Charitable Contributions (both cash and non-cash separated)
  9. If you bought or sold a home or investment property, bring expenses related to the purchase or sale.

What to bring for your Business Tax Interview


  1. All gross receipts or customer payments during the tax year.
  2. Rent payments for your rental properties.
  3. Any 1099s that you received.


  1. A summary of your business expenses, such as:
    a. Advertising
    b. Personal unreimbursed car mileage, tolls, and parking
    c. Any large items purchased for business (computers, tab lets, equipment, furniture, etc.). Provide a copy of the receipt or the date and amount of each purchase.
    d. Repair and Maintenance of building or equipment used for business
    e. Office Expenses (postage, supplies, etc.)
    f. Rent paid for business location(s)
    g. Licenses & Fees paid
    h. Meals and Entertainment
    i. Travel
    j. Dues and subscriptions
    k. Utilities (including cell phone)
    l. Liability insurance
    m. Education costs
    n. Gifts
    o. Wages or subcontracted services (bring quarterly payroll reports or 1099’s issued)
    p. Any other expenses paid through the business

Other Items

  1. A signed engagement letter (You may have received this from us already or we will provide one for your appointment)
  2. Completed tax organizer (You may have received this from us or we can provide one to help you organize your documents)
  3. Blank tax forms or labels you may have received by mail.
  4. *For New Clients
    a. The past 3 years of tax returns including Federal, State, and City returns
    b. Copy of your Social Security Card AND Drivers License
    c. If you have children, copy of their birth certificates AND Social Security Cards

If there is something you feel is pertinent to your taxes and it is not listed please bring it and we will go over the information with you. This list is just a basic list of common items most people claim on their tax returns. We are happy to talk to you about them.

Download the Tax Preparation List