What People Think of BFS

I love working with people I can trust and depend on. Marie and BFS fits that description. The highest compliment and recommendation I can give to any person or organization is that they do what they say they are going to — on time, on budget. That is simply the best way to describe my experience with BFS.

Ron Finklestein - Business Coach, Author, Speaker, Trainer

For anyone considering using Better Financial Solutions for their tax accounting ~ YES, absolutely! Better Financial Solutions is an amazing certified public accounting firm, and functions more like a business partner than of a paid accounting firm. Incredibly on top of their game, I have found them to be not only smart and knowledgeable, but also creative, compassionate, prepared, and always willing to help their clients sort through ‘legalease’ red tape & paperwork. Type A in a GOOD way, they continue to hone their skills with continual education & business seminars. They are deeply devoted to our community, and a regular valued member of the Jackson Chamber.

They have been invaluable to me and so VERY appreciated. I am always happy to give kudos to someone who goes above and beyond and thinks nothing of it. For Better Financial Solutions, this is simply the status quo.

Diane E. Gray - President, TLC Herbal Therapy

I have worked with Better Financial Solutions for several years on my business, my personal taxes and on-site business consulting assignments. Their work ethic is their greatest asset; they are very confidential and never discuss or compare client information. They are a one stop shop for all business needs. They can structure a business, create a budget in a Profit & Loss Format, perform the bookkeeping functions, provide business insurance guidance and they are connected with Financial Planners, Sales Recruiting and Training Experts, Business Consultants and Computer Business Systems Specialists. They have a wonderful gift of identifying hot spots in a business and recommending major cost saving solutions. They are very well connected in the business community and are able to seek advice on those super complicated business issues. After working with them under all of these conditions, I highly recommend Better Financial Solutions for any financial business venture.

Bob Sebald - General Manager, Amber Diagnostics, Inc.

I have the utmost respect and admiration for Marie Cutlip, founder of Better Financial Solutions. She is very diligent and hard working. I worked with Marie when she was brought on as a consultant for GE Capital and continue to work with her as a client. She is very intelligent and highly professional. In addition to being thorough in any project or duty she is responsible for, Marie is also a compassionate and considerate person. She is truly a wonderful, trusted friend and competent professional.

Linda Howard - Senior Demand Planning Analyst, The Timken Company

Better Financial Solutions has provided us with great information and resources that we were able to use in new business. We really appreciate the genuine interest and professional advice.

Stacey & Matt Bailey - SiteLogic

It is my pleasure to refer and strongly endorse the accounting services of Better Financial Solutions, LLC. They have done some astonishing work with me and my business, Ray’s Lawn and Garden. I never knew how valuable a good accounting firm could be to a business owner. This firm truly lives up to its claim of commitment, integrity, and trust. Their expertise was exactly what my business needed. They worked with my staff and me to help us understand the financial aspect of my business and its vital role in achieving success. With their frank, honest, and objective guidance, we focused on business processes, cash flow, and the impact of the numbers. I have the highest respect for this firm. Their mannerism put me at ease and their knowledge has saved me thousands of dollars. I only regret I didn’t start working with them sooner.

If you want an accounting firm that works for your best interest, is reliable, and knowledgeable, Better Financial Solutions, LLC has want you want. Consulting and working with Better Financial Solutions, LLC was a growth experience which I highly recommend for you and your business.

Harold Yoder - Owner, Ray's Lawn and Garden

I have now known Marie Cutlip, founder of Better Financial Solutions, for over sixteen years. She is not only a friend that is a real joy to know, but a conscientious professional with a broad background that is constantly improving and expanding her knowledge base. Marie has a stellar work ethic befitting of a professional and first-rate organizational skills. As CFO of a residential developer, I have had the opportunity to hire Marie as a consultant and advisor to do three software conversions. She has the interest of her clients at heart, and was very accommodating with prompt, conscientious and quality service. Marie is a real asset to any small business needing computer, tax and financial services, and I hope we have an opportunity to work together in some capacity again soon.

Joyce Strassburg, CPA

BFS is my BFF. Marie answered my financial questions and made me feel better regarding my financial situation; ergo, I think your ‘Best Friend Support,’ fits who you are and what you do.

Ute Rupprecht - Tax & Financial Investment Client

Making a change in your accounting service is a challenge. When our CPA sold her business and retired, we were referred to Better Financial Solutions CPAs. We are very impressed and satisfied with the service Marie and the team at BFS have provided, including our personal tax preparation. She also helped us develop an LLC for post retirement consulting.

It’s great to experience such professional expertise combined with the BFS client focused approach. We highly recommend Marie and the BFS team to families and businesses in need of top notch accounting services. They will give you the best service and will always support you.

Tim and Terri Teynor - Canton