Personal Finance Advice

We understand that your personal finances are integrally linked to your business finances.

We view the two holistically and offer advice on both fronts. While serving your small business needs, we consider retirement planning and estate planning that will ultimately leave you in a stronger financial position.

Although a financial planner may concentrate in one of the highly specialized areas of financial planning, the best financial planner needs a working knowledge of all areas. The goals of financial planning include anticipating and avoiding potential problems and fulfilling the client’s wishes. Financial planning is an art because it is a skill obtained by study and experience.

  • Basis of assets
  • Legal title of assets
  • Income in respect of a decedent
  • Life insurance
  • Retained incidents of ownership
  • Assignments
  • Employee benefits
  • Executive compensation charitable giving
  • Charitable giving
  • Income taxation of trusts
  • Income splitting within the family
  • The tax impact

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